UnblockVPN has been closed

UnblockVPN service has been closed since 2023-05-01.

What is the reason?

We were unable to keep up with our competition on the field of retail VPN providers.

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Unblock Your Internet

Unblock Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, VoIP and websites! Get access to all your favourite online services even though they are blocked!
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Unrestricted Access

Bypass any restrictions, filters, censhorsip and port blocking. Get over any firewall filters or limitations and enjoy your favorite services from anywhere!
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Real Public IP - USA, Europe

Get your own non-shared public IP anywhere you are connected. Become globally accesible. Switch between all countries and locations!
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Ultimate Data Protection

Protect your personal data from being stolen. Unblock VPN encrypts all your data and communication. We provide military-grade encryption!
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Watch BBC & Hulu abroad

Watch your favorite TV channels outside UK & USA. Get access to BBC iPlayer, ABC, Hulu and other online TV sites while traveling abroad!
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The Best Price VPN Service

Don't spend money for expensive VPN services. Get everything included in one price. Buy Unblock VPN today for the best price on the internet!
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  • Unlimited server switching
  • Real Public IP address (DYNAMIC, SHARED)
  • All protocols (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OVPN)
  • 100% traffic encrypted
  • Bypass all restrictions
  • Privacy protection

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