About us

Our History

We are in internet business since 2005. We've been providing internet services and since February 2009 we provide VPN services.

Our Goals

  • Customer friendly - fast and reliable support
  • All server locations and VPN protocols included
  • Protect your data anywhere you connect the internet
  • Let you to access your favourite online services anywhere
  • VPN servers in most desirable European and US locations
  • Keep the freedom internet as long as possible
  • Keep the price as low as possible

Your Trust

Thousands of users, companies and also many resellers around the world trust us. Not like many internet service providers we are not interested in seeing what you are doing on the internet. Main idea of UnblockVPN is keep your internet privacy and protect your data from being stolen or sniffed. We do maximum to keep your privacy.

You can always try our VPN services before you decide to purchase. You can always decide to stop using our services if your don't need them and later renew again. If you are not satisfied we provide 3 days money back guarantee.

If you have more questions about us, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.