New app for MAC OS X released!

Unblock VPN - new MAC OS X installer.

Hey, Unblockers! New Unblock VPN application (VPN dialer) for MAC OS X has been recently released. Please let me introduce you the youngest member of Unblock VPN App family available also for MAC OS X.

Main features:

  • Fresh, simple and fast
  • All in one place
  • Live chat within app

Fresh, simple and fast

We have created brand new VPN application which prides itself on fresh look & feel, simplicity and the fastest way for connecting Unblock VPN. All you need is enter your Unblock VPN login details, choose VPN server location and click connect. That's it. You can enjoy 100% Internet freedom after few clicks.

All in one place

The best advantage of new Unblock VPN application is that all needed information are available directly in the application. Information such as service type & expiration, your current Dedicated IP, your assigned IP & location are included in the application, so you do not even need to access your Members Area in order to find them.

Live Chat available

Do you have any problem with VPN connection? Do not worry. We are always here in order to help you to solve any VPN connection issue. Chat with us directly over Live Chat which is included right in the new application.

Get the MAC OS X app now!