Unblock VPN FAQ

How can I configure VPN on my router?

  1. Please check whether your router does support PPTP VPN connections. It must be VPN client (not server) usually available as an option on WAN interface configuration.
  2. It's recommended to download and install the latest firmware for your router.
  3. You will need to get IP address of VPN server which you want connect to. Go to the Member Area and find the VPN server list. Once you select the server you want connect to, then you can get IP address of the server for example HERE
  4. On PPTP VPN client configuration site simply fill the server IP address, your Unblock VPN username and password. Be sure that you have enabled MPPE 128 bit encryption, stateless mode and MS-CHAPv2 as an authentication method. The rest of the details should be set automatically by the server once you are connected.

You can get some inspiration from our router guides:

NOTE: Please mind that there are many routers with buggy VPN clients so the VPN connection doesn't work properly. For example Linksys routers were unable to work as many of our customers reported.

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