Unblock VPN FAQ

Can you open SMTP port 25 for my account?

Due to high amount of infected Windows computers and SPAM we had to block outgoing SMTP (TCP port 25) connections on our VPN servers for all dynamic IP VPN customers.

Once your computer is infected by virus, it sends SPAM emails and it may cause termination of your VPN service as it is violation of terms of service. That's why you should keep your computer clean of viruses.

We block outgoing SMTP (TCP port 25) connections by default. Most famous free email services (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.) provide their SMTP servers also on SSL port TCP 465 which is more secure and this port is not widely used by viruses for sending spam. If you need to send emails from your email client (Outlook etc.), then just change your SMTP server settings to use SSL SMTP on port 465.

Of course we know that sometimes it is necessary for you to use SMTP port 25. In this case please contact us, we will enable SMTP connections on your account.

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