Unblock VPN FAQ

Is my computer protected when my VPN is connected?

When your Unblock VPN is connected, you have public IP address. It means that you are visible from entire Internet. There are many robots and attackers online who periodically scan IP addresses and try to attack them. It is important to protect your computer against viruses, attacts or unwanted traffic especially if you use Microsoft Windows system. If you are facing to some unknown outgoing/incoming traffic once your VPN is connected it could be caused by:

  1. Some common application on your computer like Skype which could send data to the Internet once it detect that you are connected via public IP address. Or it can be also virus or malware which could be very harmful.
  2. Internet scaner/robot which scan your device from the Internet.


  • Protect your computer by personal firewall.
  • Protect your computer by antiviruse software.
  • Check your device and find the software which could cause the unwanted data transfer.
  • Change your web browser. There could be some plugins which send the unwanted data.

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