Unblock VPN FAQ

What is the average speed of Unblock VPN?

The European Unblock VPN customers reported the average speeds around 3-6 Mbit/s on EU servers and aroun 1-2 Mbit/s on US servers. Unfortunately the speed is different for each customer. Please mind that all data has to go encrypted to the VPN server first and then to the target server. That's why the speed via VPN is always a bit lower than via your Internet connection. The speed differs on each of our servers and it is always affected by many factors:

  1. the distance between customer - VPN server - target server
  2. customer's ISP international peering connectivity
  3. network and bandwidth policies of ISP
  4. network state of each network on the way - each hop

It's always good to test all available VPN servers and find the fastest one for you.

If you experience with low speed please read this FAQ:

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