Unblock VPN Features

Dedicated Static IP for your server (WWW, GAME, FTP, REMOTE DESKTOP, VOIP etc.)

  • Get your own Dedicated Static IP even if your ISP can't provide it!
  • Get over NAT/Firewall!
  • IP address is globally accessible and not shared with anyone else.
  • Run your own server at home.

Many ISPs are unable to provide Static IP address. You usually stay behind NAT/Firewall sharing one IP address with many users. This means that you can't access your home resources from the outside internet.

Unblock VPN provides Dedicated Static IP address for just $9.99 / month. You can get always the same Static IP address anywhere you are. You can run your own server on this Static IP address like WWW, GAME, FTP, REMOTE DESKTOP, VOIP etc.

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