Unblock VPN Features

Privacy and data protection on public Wi-Fi HotSpots

  • Did you know that public Wi-Fi HotSpots in coffees, restaurants and hotels are NOT SECURE?
  • Unblock VPN encrypts all your traffic on unprotected public Wi-Fi HotSpots.
  • It protects your personal data like passwords, card numbers, etc. from being stolen by password sniffers.

Do you use the public Wi-Fi HotSpots with your laptop, tablet or smartphone? You probably read or send your emails, use your instant messenger or access your online data. Do you know that the wireless connection between your device and the public Wi-Fi HotSpot found in coffees, restaurants, airports, hotels, etc., is not encrypted? This means the stranger sitting besides you might be sniffing the air and read all your personal data like emails, messages, passwords, card numbers, etc.

Unblock VPN provides strong encryption and protects all your personal data using from being stolen by password sniffers.

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